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Intensive & Critical Care Medicine

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The aim of Intensive and Critical Nursing care is to provide prompt and -- care of critically ill patients by specialist doctors and their professional colleagues; to provide an international quality and interdisciplinary treatment to patients. The Multispecialty Intensive Care Unit at Goenka Hospitals, Gandhinagar, has a state-of-art unit in Critical Care which integrates many specialties and diverse technologies. It  increase the possibility of survival in critically ill patients  with problems such as  complications from accidents, surgery, heart disease, kidney disease, infections, poisoning and other life threatening illness.

Critical Care involves close, constant monitoring and attention by a team of specially-trained health professionals with inputs from different specialists like Anesthesiology, Internal medicine, , the Intensivist and ID specialist.

Critical Care units represent the highest achievements in leading edge medical technology with ell equipped and well manned Critical Care Unit nucleus of Goenka Multispecialty Hospital.

Critical care at Goenka Hospital comprises the use of world class equipments and technologies including the latest in Radiology, Pathology, Ventilators, Haemodialysis equipments for renal complications like acute and chronic renal failure, monitoring equipments for heart rate, cardiac rhythm, Blood pressure (invasive and non invasive),     24 x 7 availability of Emergency cardiac care including intravenous lines for drug infusions, nasogastric pumps, drains and catheters. Along these there are Central monitors in the nurses' station facilitate 24x7 observations.