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Getting Here

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Attendant Pass

Attendants’ pass is issued by Reception on admission two for each patient. Pass is for attending to the needs of your patient, but not for staying at the bedside.

Night stay

Night stay pass is issued by the floor managers and Ground floor reception for single room.

24-Hours Pharmacy

Please enquire about medicine prescription each day from Nursing Station/Floor Manager. All medicines are available at the Hospital pharmacy

Phone Facility

Local and Out station calls can be made through our main line. All calls will be billed in to Inpatient bill.

Health Assistants

Request for special attendant can be made with extra charges at the ward nursing station. No health assistants are allowed in the ICCU/CCU.

Follow up Visits

Hospital has an OPD Department where you may come for follow up visits and enable your consultant to assess your progress.


  • Billing is done across 24 hours
  • Security deposit paid at the time of admission is adjusted against charges for increased services.
  • During the hospital stay, any outstanding bill amount needs to be cleared within 48 hours.

Your doctor

  • For any information on your medical investigations and treatment, your length of the stay and advance estimation of the medical expenses, please discuss with your consultant under whom you have been admitted. You may seek help from the ward's sister-in-charge and floor manager.

Food Service timings


  • You can select hot, fresh and nutritious meals of your choice from a menu. A dietician will evaluate your nutritional status in consultation with the doctor.
  • Please inform the dietician of any existing food allergies or special dietary restrictions.
  • Please have meals on time. This will help us administer medications at the correct time.
  • Patients admitted after lunch hours will not be provided with lunch. However, snacks and light refreshments will be provided.
  • Food for the patient's attendant is provided in only single rooms, with applicable charges.


Hospitals has the cafeteria  where patient relatives and friends can relax and wait.

Safeguarding your property

We do not recommend keeping valuables/ large sums of money in the hospital. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss or damage of such items.


  • Please follow all staff instructions.
  • Goenka is a 'no tobaco, smoking, alcohol' hospital.
  • Please note that telephone calls from the room will be billed automatically per call unit.


  • Visiting hours
  • Visiting hours for ICCU/CCU/ “ ”. Only one visitor per patient is allowed at a time. Children below 12 years are allowed only on Wednesday, Sunday and holidays.
  • Visitors must not use the patient's toilet or other articles in the interests of hygiene.
  • Please do not loiter in the corridor or the staircase.
  • Management reserves the right of entry of visitors for the safety of patients.
  • Please abide by the rules.
  • Night stay pass: Night stay pass is issued by the floor manager for single room.

Surgical Patients

  • On the day to the patient's operation, family members are requested to wait in the lobby. Updates on the surgical process will be delivered. When the operation is over, the surgeon will speak to visitors personally.

Medicine return

  • At the time of discharge the same price of the unused medicines will be credited in advance to the patient's bill.


  • Newspaper delivery in rooms
  • Cafeteria.
  • 24-hour pharmacy.


Please ensure that you fill up the feedback form before you leave the hospital following discharge.

Assistance for you

You can discuss your suggestions or make queries about hospital services to the administration and management.

Send us your queries or suggestions on info@goenkahospital.org