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Telemedicine enables the remote delivery of patient care using integrated health information systems and telecommunication technologies and allows scientists, physicians and other medical professionals around the world to serve more patients.

Wireless telemedicine is a new and evolving area. It involves the exploitation of mobile telecommunication and multimedia technologies and their integration for new mobile health care delivery systems.

This is an area where the technology is ahead of the ability or the will to put it into practice. Satellite telecommunications have much to offer as in remote areas, in emergencies and on planes and ships they are the best, if not the only, means of ensuring the transmission of data in real time.

Our Telemedicine System is a comprehensive application meant for Store and Forward as well as for Real-time access of medical information for anyone, anytime, anyplace, on any IT network to provide time-saving, cost-saving and potentially life-saving remote services. Complete / fully equipped Telemedicine Vans is part of our product line. These vans can serve the duel purpose of Publicity / Information / Education vans for Rural areas. Our Vehicle / Ambulance Tracking System is based on GPRS technology, this is one of the best available system for vehicle Tracking and safety device.

Any hospital or a fleet owner using this system can find out at any time the location, and its speed and several other parameters like fuel level & two way communication. The system provides for unhindered contact between the hospital / fleet owner and the Ambulance Van / vehicle. Our Other Information Technology Products include products like comprehensive package for Medical Tourism.