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Important Instruction for health checkup:

  • Please come at appointment date and meet the Receptionist at the Reception, Ground Floor.
  • Please come with empty Stomach at 8:00 A.M.
  • Observe overnight fast from 10.00 P.M.
  • Please bring sample of your stool along with you in the container, which may be collected from the Hospital in advance. Urine sample will be collected at the Hospital.
  • Please bring the reference letter from your company, if there is a direct billing arrangement.
  • Male patients undergoing Stress Test (T.M.T) - kindly shave off chest hairs before coming for Check Up.
  • Diabetic patients - please inform the technician, collecting your blood sample, about your blood sugar status and anti-diabetic treatment being taken.
  • Please bring all recent medical reports and current medicines being taken by you.
  • Please bring your last health check-up report, if any.
  • Kindly bring along the last ‘Prescription’ in case you are under medication.
  • All efforts are made for diagnoses of diseases based upon clinical examination and investigations in these health check-up. However the check-up has its limitations for diagnosis of asymptomatic or disease not covers in the health check-up.

Prevention is Better than Cure as Early Detection Saves Money, Reduces Pain

Complicated and sedentary lifestyle changes have become quite common in these times of high stress and fast paced living. Many factors are at play in determining an individual’s health such as the past health behavior, demography, personality traits, social support, family functioning, contact with healthcare providers and an individualslifestyle.

The World health Organization (WHO) has identified India as one of the nations predicted to top the list of nations with highest number of lifestyle disorders in the near future.

Keeping this alarming fact in mind, Goenka Hospitals have developed the Preventive Healthcare Programme to take care of lifestyle disorders through its scientifically designed and well thought out health check-up options.

Importance of Preventive Healthcare Programme

Goenka Premium has been introduced by Goenka Hospitals for the first time in Gujarat. Goenka Premium is a one-of-a-kind advance programme for a 360-degree health analysis. This programme offers one of the most comprehensive range of tests. It's a one-time process where you get a full head-to-toe screening and check-up with quick results. The Goenka Premium programme also advises on lifestyle management so that one can lead a healthy and happy life in the years to come. The detailed examination not only identifies any ailment one may be suffering from, but also forewarns about afflictions one is likely to suffer in the future. The program recommends remedial action for the same in advance, thus the nipping the problem in bud stag itself.

It is a process of making small regular decisions and taking positive actions towards matters of health, diet, exercise and lifestyle. These actions give you the best chance of remaining free from all the disease.

Essential Guidelines of Good Health

  • Eat as much natural / uncooked foods as you can.
  • Restrict the “S Diet"
    • Less Sugar
    • Less Salt
    • Less Spice
    • Less Snack
  • Enjoy Rainbow platter
    • Cereal
    • Legumes & pulses
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Dairy
    • Fats & oils depending on your daily eating behavior
  • Increase your physical activity (Light Exercise for 30 – 35 mins. Daily).
  • Drink Water - 6/8 big glasses daily (besides other fluids).
  • Keep gaps between the meals, eat less & eat frequently.
  • Avoid trigger foods (fried & oily stuffs, bakery products).
  • Think before you drink (carbonated drinks).
  • Concentrate on each bite.
  • Think twice before you grab anything.
  • Do not eat at random.
  • Try to differentiate between an urge & true hunger.
  • Learn & enjoy modifying your eating habits and in this change include your family
  • Remember, it’s not the food but the habit that causes the harm.