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Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

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We are committed to providing care to injuries sustained at all levels of physical activity.  At the Goenka Hospital, we offer innovative, advanced and minimally-invasive treatment options to get active individuals “back in the game”.

Clinical Services

  • Evaluation, prevention and treatment of sports or exercise-related injuries
  • Surgical and specialty care of the shoulder, elbow, hip, back, knee, ankle and foot
  • Arthroscopic and minimally-invasive surgery
  • Exercise training programs and physical therapy/rehabilitation for returning to activity
  • Brace-fitting, custom orthotics, splinting, casting and bike-fitting

Sports Medicine Health Care Providers

At the Goenka Hospital, we have a team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons, , physical therapists, and nurses who provide comprehensive care by focusing on the patient’s current and future athletic goals.