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Corporate & Social Responsibility

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Our strong belief is that it owes its success to the society which it operates in, has prompted it to share its progress with the society through various community development activities.

Our strong commitment towards fulfillment of its Corporate Social responsibility is amply reflected in the proactive role it plays in undertaking initiatives aimed at improving the living standards of the human settlements around its manufacturing locations.

These initiatives include organizing free medical camps, offering educational programmes on health care, vocational training to provide self employment to all.

Active participation in the Government initiatives aimed at reducing the human misery during times of natural calamities such as Earth Quake and Floods is another hallmark of Goenka.

Doing community health check up in the villages   Giving advice and prescribing medicine to the patient
Our doctors believe in laughter is the best medicine.   Hearing and understanding the problems of the patient

Social Commitment.

Goenka Hospital is committed to the development of the society; at regular intervals the hospital organizes medical camps in the far off villages where medical facility is a rare thing. In the medical camps the hospital doctors even offer free medicines to the poor and needy.

We also teach them how to live a healthy life by informing them ways of daily hygiene and how to take care of their health by eating proper diet. The hospital doctors take special classes for the pregnant females; they show them how to take care of themselves and the child they bear. The doctors guide them in their food intake by telling them what to eat and what not to eat.

Goenka Hospital highly believes in the SAVE THE GIRL CHILD program, for this it conducts special seminar in the villages, in this we talk to the village elders and show them the importance of the girl child and tell them how a girl child can bring prosperity to the family. By doing this we tend to bring the female infant mortality rate as low as possible. This has also done wonders as many people have pledge to save the girl child in their family after our efforts.

Benefit to the Surrounding People

Social Benefits:

 The hospital takes the task to educate the surrounding areas in the form of conducting educational progremmes which helps to learn about the daily health hygiene. The specialist doctors also educate them and make them aware about the consequences of leading an unhealthy life which infact motivate them to take part at the various camps conducted by Goenka Hospital.

Medical Benefit:

Now people don’t have to rush to Ahmedabad for their medical problems , Goenka Hospital is a multispecialty and completely capable of performing any kind of surgeries major or minor that to at a very affordable rates then the major hospitals of Ahmedabad, which will bring relief to their financial burden and bring smile on  their faces.

Corporate Facilities at an Affordable Price:

The infrastructure at the Goenka Hospital is one of the best and at par with all major hospital in and around Ahmedabad. People will be able to enjoy corporate hospital benefits but an affordable price.

Providing job opportunities:

The educated youth need not to wander around in search of job any more; Goenka Hospital will be providing enough job opportunities to the local youth. This will help them in growing both in career and in life and help them uplift their standard of living.

Socio-economic development.:

Big corporate firms will set up business like Hotels, Restaurants, in the surrounding of the Goenka Hospital, this again will benefit the people as their socio economic status will rise. 

So by all means Goenka Hospital will be a divine boon for the people of Gujarat and specially the people of Gandhinagar.